Huffington Post Interviews Chaturbate's LeoJock

Huffington Post Interviews Chaturbate's LeoJock

MIAMI — Chaturbate broadcaster LeoJock was recently interviewed by Huffington Post over the benefits for straight and bi-curious men to broaden their sexual boundaries with web camming.

LeoJock explained in the piece that his experience with Chaturbate has allowed him to open himself to new sexual experiences in a supportive and interactive environment.

"I didn’t really think about my attracted-to-men side of my sexuality much before I started working on Chaturbate,” he told the HuffPost. “I’d had experiences with guys before but it wasn’t common for me. I defaulted to women. My shows are a welcoming environment for me to explore."

LeoJock said his first experiences on Chaturbate were surprising, as he didn’t expect a warm community feeling that he found on the site. 

"I wasn’t expecting to make any real, human interactions and connections," he said. "I was expecting a bunch of pervs. There are plenty of pervs, but there are also real people who want to have a connection and interact."

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