Kheper Games Releases 2 New Games

Kheper Games Releases 2 New Games

SEATTLE — Kheper Games has released two new games — What the F*ck? Filthy Questions, an extension of their most popular line of adult party games, and its latest in pot-themed party game spoofs, Potheads Against Sanity.

What the F*ck? Filthy Questions includes 480 Filthy Questions. Players are each provided an answer sheet and write in personalize answers after each question, and the person taking the turn is read each answer and selects a favorite. The player with the winning answer receives the game card as a point.

Example questions are “If your genitals could talk, what would they say to embarrass you?” and “If I had a talking mirror, what’s the bitchiest thing it might say?” Then each player provides a funny answer and can personalize it.

Potheads Against Sanity includes 96 questions and 107 answer cards. Players take turns asking questions or making fill-in-the-blank statements and other players submit answers. The one with the funniest answer wins.  For example, someone could ask a fill in the blank with “Pass me that pipe, so that I can ­­­­­_______". Then possible answers players could submit are “Do laundry in the dishwasher,” “Chastise the dog for licking itself,” or “Perform obscene sock puppet shows.”

“Adult party games are trending to be very popular,” Kheper Games CEO Brian Pellham said. “The more outrageous you can be in your content, the more fun your customers are going to have. And that will keep them coming back for more entertaining games. We strive here at Kheper Games to keep producing fresh ideas with new questions. Also, with What the F*ck? Filthy Questions, we are giving creative game players a chance to out-shock each other and playfully mock each other with personalized answers.  It’s my new favorite game!”

What the F*ck? Filthy Questions Kheper Games’ other What the F*ck? games, which include the What the F*ck? I Never Have, What the F*ck? Truth or Dare, What the F*ck? Comparions, What the F*ck? Bar Cards, What the F*ck? Original Version, What the F*ck? Raunchy Version, and What the F*ck? Totally F*cked Up Version.

Potheads Against Sanity, joins Kheper Games’s line of pot games, including, THC, Weed! Card Game, Deluxe Weed, Lords of Cannabis, and Hash It Out.

For more details on all of the adult party games by Kheper Games, contact or call (877) 426-3755.