Autoblow Inventor Brian Sloan Unveils '3fap' Toy

Autoblow Inventor Brian Sloan Unveils '3fap' Toy

CHICAGO — Autoblow 2 inventor Brian Sloan has crowdfunded $50k to create a new toy, the 3fap.

“With 3fap, men can move past the boring sensation of the single dip and past the better but still commonplace double dip, to uncharted masturbatory territory: the triple dip,” Sloan teased. “Because of my invention, men can dip, dip again, and yes, dip again.

"I believe men will overlook my product’s strange appearance and focus on the only thing that really matters: their penises," he continued. "I will continue for the rest of my life to work tirelessly on behalf of all men to create new and better masturbatory sensations. I will push beyond the triple dip.”

The product comes with one mouth/vulva/anus sleeve but as an accessory, men may opt to purchase a sleeve made from the three vulvas, which Sloan personally 3d scanned during his 2015 event, “The World’s Most Beautiful Vagina Contest.”

For more information, visit To view 3fap’s Indiegogo pitch video, click here