Adult Star Tanya Tate Announces Pregnancy

Adult Star Tanya Tate Announces Pregnancy

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Adult star and director Tanya Tate opened up to Ireland’s Sunday World about her newly revealed pregnancy, as well as her personal experience with in-vitro fertilization.

In an interview, Tate candidly discusses the years of attempts to get pregnant before finally succeeding in a two-page spread inside Sunday World.

Tate said that she usually keeps her personal life private but that the in-vitro route is an important topic that should be discussed publicly.

“The IVF process and everything before and after is quite a journey,” she told Sunday World. “At times it can be disheartening, frightening but the rewards are clearly worth the tribulations.”

The Sunday World piece on Tate provides readers an update on her career and implied that she would return to Ireland to follow up her “Tanya Tate Sex Tour of Ireland” series.

“In theory, anything is possible,” she said. “But the salacious headline is a bit misleading. I understand the fascination with the ‘Tanya Tate Sex Tour,’ which is fine as it was one of the most impactful adult films made in Ireland, but it’s not something I’m even considering at this point.”

Tate said that during her time off she will continue to post exclusive candid pictures and clips for her VIP Snap members who join at  

“I’ve been preparing for this little vacation for some time,” Tate said. “I have a lot of new videos already made to keep my fans occupied. Lots of exclusives will be posted on"

Tate also has made her baby registry public for fans to send gifts for the impending birth (the baby is due in early December). Tate’s registry can be found here.

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