Video: Francois Sagat Discusses New Series

Video: Francois Sagat Discusses New Series

BURBANK, Calif. — Later this month, will release a new series that features gay adult star Francois Sagat, who returns to the biz after a four-year hiatus.

Sagat stars, along with exclusive Paddy O’Brian, in the release of the three-part series “Dream Fucker” shot in Barcelona. It’s Sagat’s first time performing for

Sagat, seen to many as a French sex symbol who surrounds himself with renowned mainstream fashion, film and artistic figures, also is well-known for his appearances in Titan Men and Raging Stallion productions. director Alter Sin called shooting Sagat in the “Dream Fucker” series was, not surprisingly, “a total dream.”

“I feel tremendously honored and privileged to have met and worked alongside such a sensational character,” Sin said. “Not only is Francois Sagat an unstoppable force to be reckoned with, but he carries himself in a very professional manner which makes him even more of a delight to work with.

“We’re very excited about ‘Dream Fucker’ and hope that it’s reflected in our work.”

Sagat discusses’s new “Dream Fucker” series, which begins streaming June 24, here.

Pictured: Francois Sagat