Lovehoney Now Shipping tokidoki POS

Lovehoney Now Shipping tokidoki POS

BATH, England — Lovehoney has announced it is now shipping the new tokidoki POS out to stores and distributors, just in time for Pride-related events. 

According to a representative, the eye-catching, fun range of colorful POS has been designed with that all-important stand out factor to complement the vibrant characters and rainbow emblazoned toys of the tokidoki X Lovehoney Official Pleasure Collection. 

The pack consists of shelf wobblers, a header, footer, bus stops and two shelving units for tester products. Once assembled the unit can hold the range in its entirety but retailers have the option to tailor the display as to what fits their product offering.  

“The colorful rainbow flag is one of the best known symbols from Pride — a sign of tolerance, acceptance and diversity,” said Laura Wood, Lovehoney sales consultant. “The tokidoki X Lovehoney ranges have now started to pick up momentum and retailers that have already listed via their distributors are finding the brand a real talking point with excellent sales too.

“The new POS is some of the best we have ever created and there’s no better way to showcase this incredible range for your customers, especially throughout Pride season,” Wood continued. “We’re shipping now and we are all on hand to discuss options for what will work best for your market and to maximize your sales.”

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