RedTube Sponsoring Mass. Soccer Team

RedTube Sponsoring Mass. Soccer Team

BROOKLINE, Mass. — Within 10 minutes, the deal was done.

Team members from Washington Square FC, an amateur soccer team in Brookline, Mass., recently reached out to adult tube site RedTube on Twitter to help sponsor its games. And the adult tube site, without hesitation, said “yes.”

Washington Square and Red Tube, which is operated by adult entertainment conglomerate MindGeek, worked out a sponsorship deal in which the company name is featured prominently on team jerseys.

"We thought we'd go big and try to find someone to bring in a revenue stream," Washington Square team member Jon told

Jon said the team signed a non-disclosure agreement that includes terms of the deal, and now operational costs have significantly decreased. 

Washington Square FC has decided to sell its RedTube-branded jerseys in four different styles and in black and white, priced from $16 to $40. Player names and numbers can be added for $6.50 extra.

To order a Washington Square FC/RedTube garment, click here