LELO Condoms, Butt Plugs Stolen From Las Vegas Warehouse

LELO Condoms, Butt Plugs Stolen From Las Vegas Warehouse

LAS VEGAS — Police here are on the lookout for thieves who rammed their rental car into a Las Vegas warehouse and took off with 30,000 LELO HEX condoms and 33 vibrating butt plugs

LELO officials said that two men escaped with the condoms and then returned the next day to steal the butt plugs, which run $219 apiece.

The first robbery took place on Saturday at 7:45 p.m., after the LELO Las Vegas warehouse closed early for the Memorial Day weekend.

Security footage shows two thieves entering through a back gate, and making off with two large shipping boxes of LELO HEX, each holding 15,120 individually wrapped condoms. Moments later, one of the thieves returned to take more 36-packs before making their getaway.

On Sunday, the thieves returned by ramming a rental car through the loading dock gate. The video of the second raid shows a man running through the factory inspecting the goods, before throwing a large box of 33 LELO HUGO Vibrating Butt Plugs through the car’s broken rear window. He then returns and does the same for a box of 48 LELO LUNA Beads (a women’s Kegel exercising aid) and another box of goods that has yet to be identified.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrived on the scene after both incidents but were too late both times to apprehend the thieves.

LELO President Pavle Sedic said: “At this stage, we’ll be happy if the thieves just use the condoms themselves. We’re currently working with the police to identify those responsible and ask members of the public to get in touch. Two raids in less than 24-hours is pretty shocking, but everyone knows it’s close to impossible to get additional security during Memorial Day weekend and the thieves obviously realized that. They seemed to have a very clear idea on what they were looking for.”

News of the burglaries spread over U.S. media channels, getting attention of the mainstream crowd on The New York Times, Forbes, CNBCThrillist, DailyDot, The Daily Beast and YourTango.