Launches HybridLink for Publishers Launches HybridLink for Publishers

SWITZERLAND — announced today that it is offering a new way of making money with mobile traffic.

HybridLink allows publishers, with a click of the button, to promote multiple offers, control the monetization flow and scale easier targets for higher ROI.

The HybridLink tool works with a single URL that covers all geos targeted, rotating through a mix of chosen offers from the most profitable offers on the market.

“You can do everything by yourself in a blink of an eye,” the company said. “Get all the freedom and flexibility you need regarding the offers you want to promote, while being in full control and boosting that sweet revenue.”

“HybridLink was created with a very clear goal, to make the most profitable mix of offers available for each targeted user. You will have access to over 12,000 direct premium advertiser singular offers, from a variety of verticals available worldwide, covering all payout models, exclusive deals and unlimited capping, so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

“All offers are tested with in-house traffic before being deployed live, so no more money thrown out of the window.”

This is the third concept for monetizing mobile traffic that is bringing to the market. It previously rolled out SmartLink and Marketplace.

“You will not need any other tracking or promo tools, you will have everything in house — performance, highest conversion direct offers and optimization,” the company said.

BitterStrawberry operates an intuitive UI, 24/7 support in multiple languages — English, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Turkish, Italian — and an advanced algorithm that helps affiliates profit.

The tech company also touts itself as “a friendly platform for newbies, as well as experienced affiliates, to start their journey.” Affiliates are offered weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payments in bitcoin, wire, WebMoney, Payoneeer and PayPal.