Severe Sex Releases 'Kink School: Extra Credit'

Severe Sex Releases 'Kink School: Extra Credit'

LOS ANGELES — Severe Sex Films has announced the release of its next installment in the XBIZ-nominated instructional series, “Kink School.”

“’Kink School: Extra Credit’ follows up on Severe’s beginning and intermediate BDSM instruction DVDs with sexy new skills for people who already know the basics,” explained Dee Severe, who co-directed with Jimmy Broadway. “We cover candle wax play, chastity play, plastic wrap mummification, more advanced bondage, domestic discipline, an introduction to single tail whipping and more. It’s three hours of real, nuts and bolts instruction — plus playtime where our expert Dommes put these new techniques to good use.”

“Extra Credit” features Dommes Cybill Troy, Bella Bathory and Elena De Luca, as well as fetish newcomer Hannah Hunt, who demonstrates chastity play with Broadway and serves as the demonstration model for Bathory, who advises on safe candle wax play. 

Dixie Comet discusses Trump’s alleged favorite, golden showers, while “pro villain” Tim Woodman and adult star Lauren Phillips demonstrate bondage and whipping, as well as explaining how to choose rope for bondage and how to find BDSM toys on a budget. 

“While many fetishes, like rope bondage, take quite a bit of instruction,” Broadway added, “there are also some that you can pick up in less than 15 minutes and add some spice to your sex life.”

Severe enthused, “Since BDSM play has increasingly become a part of mainstream sex, people are getting tired of the basics like flogging and getting tied to the bed. I hope this gives our fans some new ideas to make their kinky sex play more exciting. But, it’s important to note that, the more advanced you get, the more you have to pay serious attention to safety. ‘Kink School: Extra Credit’ gives people all the tools for safe, sane and consensual play.” 

“Kink School: Extra Credit” will be available this Monday. For foreign and domestic sales, call or email Howard at or (866) 629-4271.