Berman Innovations CEO Featured on 'More Than Just Us' Reality Show

DETROIT — Berman Innovations’ CEO Stephanie Berman appears in an upcoming episode of the reality show, “More Than Just Us.”

In the segment, Berman meets with a lesbian couple looking to use her product, The Semenette, to conceive. “More Than Just Us” is a documentary-style reality television series set in Detroit, Mich., which focuses on the lives of eight lesbians who live, love and venture on their paths to success.

“This was such a unique opportunity I was genuinely excited to take part in,” Berman said. “It’s not often I get the chance to sit down with my customers, not only to share my story, but to help advise them in their process of starting a family. The fact it was being filmed for a reality show was a little nerve-wracking, but also a ton of fun and an experience I won’t soon forget! I try to embrace every moment I get to educate couples, and hope DL and her wife will be another POP success story."

“More Than Just Us” director and cast member DL Collins added, "My wife and I have been trying for years to conceive, with a few fails along the way. We were just about ready to give up, when I remembered a toy I had seen online some years ago, that might help us out — and we thought, what the hell, let’s try it! We also decided to not only try it, but also to document the journey. We went to the POPDildo site, and began to read all of the success stories — which were great, but we needed help from the master herself.

“Stephanie was awesome when we set up our on-camera consultation,” Collins added. “She was so friendly, and extremely helpful with getting us started on our road to successful baby-making. It was so important to implement our conversation into the show, because we want people with the same struggles as us to know that there is a personal, intimate option to use when starting a family, and POPDildo is it!"

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