XR Brands Debuts 2 New 'Head Teaser' Penis Massagers

XR Brands Debuts 2 New 'Head Teaser' Penis Massagers

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — XR Brands has expanded its series of Head Teasers, cup-shaped massagers made for hands-free stimulation of the penis.

Available from the Trinity Vibes brand of affordable essentials, the four-piece Head Teaser collection features two new designs.

The Clear Vibrating Penis Head Teaser is a TPR sleeve that fits snugly over the head of the penis and features internal nubs and ridges for extra sensation.

According to a company representative, the attached bullet transmits vibration throughout the entire sleeve and, because it is removable, can also be used all over the body for extra massage.

The 10 Speed Silicone Penis Head Teaser features a firm-yet-stretchy nubbed sleeve powered by three speeds of vibration and seven pulsating functions. It is made of premium silicone, while the design is non-porous and offers a firmer sensation surrounding the penis head. 

“When we first created Head Teasers, we had no idea how fast they’d take off — and now we’ve essentially created a sub-category of its own,” said XR Brands director of sales and marketing Rebecca Weinberg. “These clever shapes deliver surround-sound stimulation to the most sensitive part of the penis, and unlike so many other penis stimulators, they are powerful without feeling bulky and provide hands-free massage like nothing else on the market.”

XR Brands reports the Head Teasers by Trinity Vibes presents an exciting opportunity to build male-focused inventory with something more unique than the traditional stroker or masturbator and caters to a variety of penis shapes and sizes.

“And thanks to their hands-free convenience, Head Teasers are perfect options for consumers whose mobility issues make it difficult to utilize traditional penis masturbators,” Weinberg added. “Head Teasers by Trinity Vibes are as affordable as they are accessible: the Clear Vibrating Penis Head Teaser and the 10 Speed Silicone Penis Head Teaser retail for $19.99 and $34.99 respectively.”

To place an order or learn more about Head Teasers by Trinity Vibes, email info@xrbrands.com. To view the full XR Brands lineup, visit XRBrands.com.