Tenga Celebrates Masturbation Month With '#DoItInMay' Campaign

Tenga Celebrates Masturbation Month With '#DoItInMay' Campaign

LOS ANGELES — Tenga today announced the launch of “#DoItInMay,” a U.S.-based campaign celebrating “National Masturbation Month,” which aims to broaden the conversation and further the cultural acceptance of sexual wellness and self-pleasure beyond taboos and euphemisms.

According to a representative, the month-long program will encourage consumers across the U.S. to join the movement with a pledge to go “above-and-beyond” — by not only masturbating during the month of May but helping to de-stigmatize self-pleasure.  

"National Masturbation Month" was introduced in May 1995, in response to President Clinton’s firing of U.S. Wurgeon General Joycelyn Elders for suggesting that masturbation should be part of sexual education. Since then, sex-positive organizations all over the world have honored Elders and celebrated masturbation in May.

A representative for Tenga said, “By participating in #DoItInMay, we can help change the conversation about masturbation and promote a message that self-care is a common, sex-positive act that should be celebrated, not hidden.” 

More than 20 years later, not everyone is comfortable talking about masturbation, according to the company. Tenga’s 2016 United State(s) of Masturbation survey found that 88 percent of all Americans masturbate, but more than half of those surveyed were uncomfortable openly discussing it.

“Masturbation is a natural part of life that not only gives individuals a better understanding of their bodies, but also empowers them to take control of their own pleasure,” said Dr. Chris Donaghue, PhD, LCSW, CST and Tenga brand ambassador. “#DoItInMay is an opportunity to bring this to the forefront and celebrate masturbation for what it is: a positive and healthy sexual practice, whether it’s enjoyed by oneself or with a partner.” 

Participants can take the pledge online at DoItInMay.com, and can promote the campaign via social media. For every person who takes the pledge, Tenga states it will donate $1 – and will donate an additional $2 for every use of the hashtag “#DoItInMay” on social media, up to $10,000, to the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS). SIECUS advocates for the right of all people to accurate information, comprehensive education about sexuality and the full spectrum of sexual and reproductive health services.