Kay Brandt Interviewed for MonthlyFetish.com

TAMPA, Fla. — Kay Brandt was recently interviewed for the foot fetish online issue of Monthly Fetish.

In the interview, Brandt discusses how her books have saved relationships, her upcoming endeavors, her personal kinks, bringing Selena Kitt’s words to life onscreen and more. To read the full interview, click here.

Clips4Sale owner Neil, who is one of the major sponsors of Monthly Fetish, said, “The more fetishes are talked about, the more their audience grows. People are curious and if you make people feel safe about their fetishes and exploring them, they will spend money on books and movies from people like Kay Brandt and clips from stores on our site. This is how fetishes become big business.”

To view the foot fetish edition, visit MonthlyFetish.com.