Clandestine Devices to Feature Mimic Massager at Sex Expo NY

Clandestine Devices to Feature Mimic Massager at Sex Expo NY

NEW YORK — Clandestine Devices will be among the exhibitors at Sex Expo New York 2017, to be held Sept. 23-24 at the Brooklyn Expo Center.

“Clandestine Devices is thrilled to be exhibiting at the upcoming Sex Expo in September,” said Kimberly Scott Faubel, Clandestine’s director of operations. “We will be showcasing our flagship product, the Mimic, a rechargeable, waterproof, ergonomic handheld massager that is making waves in stores and online."

Faubel added, “We will try to make our booth as attractive and inviting as the Mimic itself. Because we launched with one product and began shipping in January of this year, we have been focusing on the Mimic’s reach to consumers. Having one product to focus on means we can devote time to any interested party.”

Faubel added, “We are looking forward to being in Brooklyn in September. Personally, being back in N.Y. is always fun for me since I am from there, and Brooklyn’s energy is so vibrant and alive. It makes total sense for the Expo to be there.”

Faubel will be available in Clandestine’s Sex Expo New York booth to answer any questions attendees have about the Mimic, which is available in three colors — black, seafoam or lilac — and sells for $125 at

“The shape of the Mimic does afford us the opportunity to explain why it looks the way it does,” Faubel said. “Sure, we made a very beautiful massager, but it has a reason for its shape — and the Sex Expo in Brooklyn will help us get it into even more of the right hands.”

Faubel added, “What means the world to me and to Clandestine Devices is knowing that this is all for the benefit of the consumer. Attendees will walk away having had a great time, perhaps learning something and loaded with confidence where they may have been lacking before. As long as health and education are at the forefront of this amazing business, more shows like this will be a part of our future.”

Located at 72 Noble St., Brooklyn, N.Y., in the Greenpoint area, the Brooklyn Expo Center is within walking distance of the MTA’s Greenpoint Avenue subway station and can be reached from Manhattan by taking the G Train.

For more information on the Brooklyn Expo Center, call (718) 775-3315.

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