ExoClick Officially Debuts Pre-Roll In-Stream Video Ad Format

ExoClick Officially Debuts Pre-Roll In-Stream Video Ad Format

BARCELONA — ExoClick announced today that it has taken its pre-roll in-stream video format out of beta, and it is now available across its entire network.

Additionally, there is a major update to the ad network’s admin panel (version 3.2.0.) which contains additional useful new features, according to Benjamin Fonzé, founder and CEO of ExoClick.

“This is a major update for Q2 to further help clients maximise their experience on the ExoClick platform,” Fonzé said. “After several months of successful beta testing, we have finally launching the in-stream ad format across our network.

“Publishers can now create in-stream ad zones, and are offered different integration methods, depending on their video player. We encourage publishers to use our own free and open-source HTML video player — Fluid Player.”

ExoClick's pre-roll in-stream video ad format is inserted at the beginning of existing video content on a publisher’s site such as a movie scene or trailer. The video ad automatically plays when a user clicks to play the video content they decided to watch. The ad’s content is customizable with clickable calls to action in order to encourage consumers to click through to the product or offer.

For publishers, the ad format places high-quality, premium video ads on their site and they have further control over the video format by adding a timed “skip this ad” button within the advertisement.

The ad format works with all major video players and works seamlessly with ExoClick's free HTML video player Fluid Player.

There are two pricing models available for in-stream ads: CPV (cost-per-view), the advertiser sets the cost which is triggered when 10 seconds of the video ad have been displayed to a visitor at normal speed and CPC (cost-per-click), where the cost is paid when a visitor clicks on the in-stream ad. Frequency capping is available for effective retargeting and advertisers can access real-time statistics, the Barcelona company said.

New features available in the latest version of ExoClick's admin panel include:

  • The maximum number of IP ranges that can be targeted in a campaign has been increased to 1,000.
  • Advertisers can now search by zone type, such as "NTV A" or "footer" in Step 4 of campaign creation.
  • New icons for products and labels blocking, for quick identification.
  • It is now possible to not only include specific targeting parameters, but to exclude them also. This is especially useful for larger parameters like languages or ISPs making it easier to select a few options to exclude rather than selecting all the parameters to keep.
  • Advertisers can now specifically target "Chinese — traditional" and "Chinese — simplified" language options that allows them to target more specific communities.

For more information on ExoClick’s pre-roll in-stream video format, click here. For more information on Fluid Player, click here