Studio 20 Reports $9M Profit in 2016

Studio 20 Reports $9M Profit in 2016

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Studio 20 today reported it made a $9 million profit franchise-wide in 2016.

The studios that brought the largest income were its three in Bucharest, — with 60 percent of the total business — followed by studios in the Romanian cities of Cluj, Timisoara and Craiova, as well as in Cali, Colombia, and Los Angeles, according to Robert Vanderty, Studio 20’s manager.

The franchise has nine studios, including its newest in the central part of Oradea, where 30 models work from 14 themed rooms. The $100,000 studio opened last month.

"We hope to have sales of approximately $50,000 per month with the new Studio 20 in Oradea [through] 2017,” said Andra Chirnogeanu, Studio’s 20’s marketing manager.

"We are already in the preparation for the following two cities where we will open the studios — Ploiesti and Brasov. And we’re also working on the completion of a contract for [another] Studio 20 [in] Budapest. We’re expanding fast and we’re going big.”

Vanderty noted the first Studio 20 Men has exceeded expectations. Opened in 2016 in Bucharest, Studio 20 Men has managed to exceed the “first psychological threshold of $5,000 per month, after  only the first three months since its opening,” Vanderty said.

"Studio 20 Men has done the impossible,” he said. “We did not expect the cam studio that opened in November … to exceed $19,000 after the first three months,” he said.