ESPLER Project Hits $10K Fundraising Target but Seeks More

ESPLER Project Hits $10K Fundraising Target but Seeks More

SAN FRANCISCO — The Erotic Service Providers Legal Education and Research project said that has met its Tilt fundraiser target of $10,000 as part of its fundraising effort for its lawsuit challenging California’s anti-prostitution law.

“Our court case is mostly funded by individuals making small contributions, although we have also had significant contributions from funds like the Craiglist charitable fund,” said Maxine Doogan, president of ESPLER Project. “In contrast, our opponents, the state of California and various district attorneys, have very deep pockets — essentially using our taxpayer dollars to deny us our rights.

"So, we are very grateful to everybody who has dug deep and contributed and have helped us get all the way to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.”

ESPLER Project’s case, now before the 9th Circuit, has attained amicus briefs supporting it from 36 civil rights and LGBT organizations. The next stage is for the 9th Circuit to schedule oral arguments.

“Whichever way the decision goes, there are likely to be yet more legal stages — whether that is an appeal to the Supreme Court, or a remand back to the district court where the whole cycle will start again," Doogan said. "This case will run and run ….”

ESPLERP has now started a second Tilt fundraiser, looking to raise a further $12,000 for the case. Contributions can be submitted here.