Exclusively Shipping TENGA Vacuum Controller Exclusively Shipping TENGA Vacuum Controller

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Sex Toy Distributing is exclusively shipping the TENGA Vacuum Controller, an attachment that transforms the TENGA Cup stroker into a soft suction device.

Now available in the U.S., the TENGA Vacuum Controller attaches to any compatible TENGA Cup. Compatible with specially marked vacuum-compatible Cup products, the Vacuum Controller comes complete with the Original Ultra Size Tenga Cup as well as Ultra Size and regular adaptors.

The TENGA Vacuum Controller allows users to change out their TENGA Cup and use with the entire compatible series of strokers. Most TENGA Cups, including select Air Tech models, will be available in Vacuum Compatible versions.

“TENGA makes some of the world’s most exciting, affordable, and effective strokers in the industry and we’re so excited to finally bring the Vacuum Controller to U.S. customers,” Wholesale Supervisor Morgan Panzino said. “Not only does this attachment make an existing top-seller even better, but its reusable nature has the potential to inspire an entirely new generation of loyal TENGA Cup devotees.”

The Vacuum Controller is packaged side-by-side with the included TENGA Cup in a clear plastic box, giving shoppers a firsthand look before they buy. Images on the Vacuum Controller’s box highlight the simplicity of its form and function with instructions to assure a satisfying experience every time.

The TENGA Vacuum Stroker is available in black and requires four AAA batteries, not included.

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