Williams Trading Introduces White Glove Sign Up Service

Williams Trading Introduces White Glove Sign Up Service

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. — Williams Trading Co. has announced the launch of its White Glove Sign Up Service, which is available to new, first-time accounts.  

“A full range of award winning services are available immediately with onboarding your account along with a one-time special discount with your first order placed with Williams Trading,” said a company representative. “It’s no secret there has been significant change in today's adult industry community of distributors. Companies and end buyers alike often look to cut out the resellers, or middle people, to save money and sell more. This is to be expected, and many middle people that have not succeeded in proving their added value have gone out of business.

“What too many forget, however, is that if you cut out the middle people, you still have to provide their function,” the spokesperson continued. “That is the fundamental rule of distribution. If you bypass the middle people, you have to acquire (or pay someone else for) warehouses, shipping, marketing and best pricing — all of today’s expectations of convenience by your customer.”

For more information, visit WilliamsTradingCo.com or contact a Williams’ sales representative at (800) 423-8587.