NakedSword Film Works Adds 'Trouser Bar' to Library

NakedSword Film Works Adds 'Trouser Bar' to Library

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword has added “Trouser Bar,” the award-winning 2016 British silent erotic comedy/fantasy short film, to the NakedSword Film Works library.

“Trouser Bar” was directed by gay adult film director Kristen Bjorn and follows last month's release of “Peter De Rome: Grandfather of Gay Porn.”  

Set in a menswear boutique in 1976, “Trouser Bar” can be described as a porn music video with hints of British comedy throughout. There has been much controversy over who penned “Trouser Bar” and the author of the screenplay has not been unequivocally established.

“Trouser Bar” stars Denholm Spurr, Craig Daniel, Zac Renfree, Ashley Ryder, Scott Hunter and Hans Berlin as well as British comedians Barry Cryer and Julian Claryin in cameo roles. Actor Nigel Havers and London drag entertainer Miss Hope Springs also appear.

British screenwriter, playwright and producer David McGillivray was responsible for bringing the short to life.

“The film’s quirky yet sexual nature is apparent throughout as viewers uncover what really goes on behind the facade of Sir John’s trouser shop with their perfectly dressed mannequins in the window,” according to a studio publicist. “It's all revealed in this 20-minute electric short and by the end of it there's a crowd of on lookers peeping in the window of the trouser shop to witness an all-out orgy that takes place in full view of the stunned public.”

Tim Valenti, president of Falcon Studios Group and the NakedSword Network, called “Trouser Bar” a “wonderful addition” to the NakedSword Film Works library.

"I just love how unique this short is and how it combines music, design, comedy and sex in such a way that the viewer is instantly sucked into the world they have created,” Valenti said. “While it has hints of comedy with artistic flare, it remains both entertaining but still very sexy which is something viewers are wanting more and more of these days.”

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