Hybrid Dating App Pippix Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Hybrid Dating App Pippix Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

BOSTON — Pippix — a new app that seeks to transform the way users connect, share pics and hook up — has launched a crowdfunding campaign.

“Pippix is certain to disrupt the industry in some very powerful ways as it blends elements of an image snap app, a social platform and a dating app,” said Michael Pelletz, a Boston-based entrepreneur who worked with founder David Hirschfield and developer Mia Carter on the project.

Pelletz said the hybrid app includes an anonymity feature that will allow users to keep their identity under wraps, particularly those who choose to use the app to connect with others outside of their current relationship.

While the company's leaders don't intend for Pippix to be a new-and-improved version of AshleyMadison.com, Hirschfield noted that it would be unrealistic to ignore this segment of the app's user community.

“We believe it's important to give users the tools they need to remain safe, regardless of whether they're single or in a relationship,” Hirschfield said. "We feel it's important to give our users the power to conceal their personal details, revealing this information only once they feel comfortable doing so."

For those who do opt to meet other Pippix users in person, the app will include an alert feature that will notify a pre-selected contact in the event a user fails to check in following a meet-up.

“Pippix will provide users with an easy-to-use interface where they can connect with others in a safe, anonymous environment,” said Pelletz, who also developed the concept for Safr, a female-only rideshare app.  

“The Pippix community will feature a diverse range of users, from the 20-something seeking to chat with someone new, to a 30-something searching for a date, or the escort or cam girl seeking to connect with potential clients. The potential is truly limitless.”

Private investors have already funded the development of the app's core features. An Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has been launched to help raise funds for expenses such as marketing and an expansion of the app's features.

The Boston-based venture is seeking to raise $50,000 in 60 days, offering incentives such as Pippix memberships, selfie sticks, T-shirts and hoodies.  

The beta version of the app is slated for release later this month, with a general release to occur shortly thereafter.

Once released, the Pippix app will be available for iOS and Android devices. It's expected to be available in the App Store and the Google Play store in May.

The advertisement-free app will be free to download. It will feature in-app purchases for memberships, priced at $2.99 per month.

The Pippix crowdfunding campaign can be found here.