Motorbunny Rolls Out Customized Storage Case

Motorbunny Rolls Out Customized Storage Case

LOS ANGELES — Motorbunny has unveiled its Motorbunny Mobility and Storage Case, which was built for discrete storage and easy transportation.

“We listened carefully to our customers, and received repeated requests for storage and light travel solutions,” said Craig Mewbourne, brand consultant for MB Technologies. “The Motorbunny Mobility and Storage Case is an elegant answer for both.”

Made of impact-resistant metal and designed for light, local travel, the Mobility and Storage Case was created exclusively for the Motorbunny, but is also compatible with other brands in the category. 

“We feel like customers will enjoy the cases because it opens up even more opportunities for Motorbunny use,” Mewbourne continued. “Motorbunny stands for enabling sexually creative experiences, and in the end, what could offer more opportunities for creativity than packing up your Motorbunny and hitting the road?” 

For added protection while air traveling, Motorbunny recommends that the case be wrapped or boxed before checking it as luggage to avoid any cosmetic damage. 

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