Brett Rossi Interviewed by Xcitement Mag,

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Xcitement Magazine and recently interviewed Brett Rossi.

In addition to a six-page spread and a photoshoot with Holly Randall, Rossi is featured on the cover of Xcitement Magazine. In the interview, she discusses who she admires in the industry, her relaunched site and more. To view the magazine, visit

For, Rossi revealed how she chose her name, her favorite sex toy and more. To read the interview, visit

“I’m honored to be the cover model for Xcitement this month,” Rossi said. “I have a ton of features booked this year, and I will have signed copies for sale. I’m also very excited that Ask Men interviewed me. I hope the advice helps guys and makes them more confident in bed.”

Rossi is represented by OC Modeling. For booking information, contact Sandra at or (818) 298-6939. 

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