Justin Sayne Leather Offers $10K Promo

Justin Sayne Leather Offers $10K Promo

MAYER, Ariz. — Justin Sayne Leather is offering retailers $25,000 worth of products and two in-store displays for $10,000. 

In an effort to encourage retailers to dip their toes into the growing marketplace of high impact pleasure products, Justin Sayne is also offering one-on-one support.

“It’s a tragedy to hear that some retailers don’t believe they have customers in the BDSM community that are looking for high impact products like ours,” said Justin Sayne, company owner. “Adult retail customers are maturing and becoming desensitized to the same sex toys at an increasingly rapid pace. Consumers are looking for more sophisticated products, and we want to help retailers become their neighborhood’s go-to source for quality high-impact products with an eye-catching display packed with attention-grabbing, unique items.”

To receive maximum ROI, Justin Sayne Leather is offering product exchanges to “ensure that retailers stock only the most top-performing products in their store(s).”

Also included in the deal are two retail displays, a single-tiered and two-tier circular rack, including handcrafted whips, floggers, paddles, restraints and more. The two-tier rack can showcase up to $20,000 worth of products, while the single-tier rack can showcase $5,000.

JSL president of sales Clint Strunk added, “The rack deal is a great way to get a great variety of JSL gear but also a fantastic way to display the products to get the best exposure in the store. And who doesn’t like free stuff.”

“Our racks create a destination for high-impact toys in your store that will draw customers and keep their attention there,” Sayne continued. “Customers will stop and gaze at the products, and they’ll remember and recommend your store as the place to go to for cutting-edge products — and word travels fast among people in the BDSM community.”

In addition to JSL’s rack display promo, the company also supports retailers with in-store trainings to educate staff on how to maximize the sales of its range of handcrafted high-impact toys.

For more information, visit JustinSayneLeather.com, email justinsayneleather@yahoo.com or contact Clint at cslurppy@gmail.com and (480) 444-6031.