Alison Tyler Featured on

NEW YORK — Alison Tyler is featured on in a piece titled, “Adult Star Alison Tyler is a Yoga Maniac,” that lists 20 reasons why the activity has become her greatest passion. 

“When I graduated college, I started body building,” Tyler said. “Hitting the gym and the weights twice a day hard meant losing a lot of flexibility, which caused me to seek out yoga. I figured that I’d go in and do an hour of stretching and that would be that. Yoga not only gave me flexibility, but it also gave me a better understanding of my body. A better mind-muscle connection which has improved my lifting results tremendously and has given me a stillness in my mind I haven’t found anywhere else.” 

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Tyler is a licensed yoga instructor and teaches classes in Orange County, Calif. For more information, visit her fitness site by clicking here.

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