Sunny Rodgers Certified as Clinical Sexologist

Sunny Rodgers Certified as Clinical Sexologist

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Sunny Rodgers has announced she is now a certified clinical sexologist and professional sex coach with a certification from Sex Coach University.

With her new certification, Rodgers will be the official on-staff sexual health expert for all of the Diamond Products family of brands — Pipedream Products, Jimmyjane and Sir Richard’s. 

Rodgers was voted the 2016 XBIZ Community Figure of the Year, received and honorable mention for Storerotica magazine's Most Influential Women of 2017, is an Ambassador for the American Sexual Health Association, a member of the World Association of Sex Coaches, a contributing editor at and has hosted a popular weekly show on Playboy Radio. 

“When I started my training with the accredited Sex Coach University in April 2016, I found the curriculum to be much more intensive than I had imagined — every course gave me the opportunity to dive deep into a new sexological subject,” Rodgers said. “Trust me, I learned something new every day and gained extensive information from beginning to end. My certification journey took me almost a year to complete and has really enhanced my knowledge and life in ways I never expected."

Rodgers reports that she will focus on healthy sexuality in relation to intimate products and how she can educate people to enhance their intimate lives in a positive manner. Her education and work will focus on the adult products industry, niche categories of sexuality that have “typically been left out of the limelight and current trends of the moment.”

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