Pretty Dirty Releases 1st Scene of 'Indirect Relations'

Pretty Dirty Releases 1st Scene of 'Indirect Relations'

MONTREAL — Pretty Dirty, the hardcore adult content site from Gamma Films, has announced the release of the first scene from “Indirect Relations.”

The title features Derrick Pierce, Kristen Scott, Michael Vegas and Nina North. The summary is as follows: “A police officer (Pierce) wants to play out his darkest fantasy with his 18-year-old daughter (Scott) in the only legal way possible… with a roleplay re-enactment using two kinky doubles (Vegas, North).” To view the scene, click here.

"I like to think of my new direction as the 'Law & Order' of porn," said co-director and producer Bree Mills. "We've taken an approach that fans will not associate with any other adult content they’ve seen.” 

Going beyond the realm of traditional “family roleplay porn” that entertains with comedic 'step-parent' fantasies, Mills' storyline “tackles the psychological rationalizations of the villain: a corrupted and twisted father obsessed with his daughter.” 

"I won't ever forget shooting this scene... for better or worse,” Pierce said. “This scene will always be in my head. Bree's mind is so twisted that she even made me pause... and I'm fucked up.”

Co-star Vegas agreed, “‘Indirect Relations’ is by far the edgiest scene I have done to date. When Bree told me how far she was going to push this scene, I knew it would be something special. This scene was so intense that the acting was minimal and the reacting was real.”

"This scene is meant to be an example of the next chapter for us," Mills concluded. "Reaching beyond the joke that many studios make of family roleplay porn, and feeding into the deep and obsessive taboo fantasies shared by serious fans of the genre. Pretty Dirty members should expect to see a lot of changes coming over the next few months, as we shift towards delivering on this new vision. I can’t wait to see what buttons we can push."

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