Nikki Morgasm Presents 'Energy Ex-Chains'

NEW YORK — Punany Poet Nikki Morgasm’s Off-Broadway erotic play, “Energy Ex-Chains,” will premiere this Saturday at The Producers Club in N.Y., starting at 10:30 p.m.

“This is an expanded show direction for 'The Punany Poets,'" Morgasm said. "If experience is the best teacher, then voyuerism is the best student. This theater experience offers a very indulgent and relatable way of learning about yourself, energy and sexual lifestyles other than your own with reflections of some social and sexual challenges."

“The Punany Poets” are a blend of theatrics, music, dance, comedy, audience interaction and literary works. It has aired on HBO, Playboy TV, BET and Cinemax. The cast of “Energy Ex-Chains” includes adult and mainstream actors such as Loretta Vendetta, Omar Flame, Renard Storm, Drew McConnell and Kacy St. James. 

“'Energy Ex-Chains' is about a group of young, adventurous men and women who have come to New York City to find their sexual freedom and an orgasmic life,” said a spokesperson. “Between the walls of our little black box you will abide in spirit as you watch and listen to erotic scenes unfold as our invited voyeur. 

“This show opens on five people at a play party, hosted by a sexual alchemist (Morgasm) who also serves as a clinical sexologist,” the spokesperson continued. “Each person is dealing with their own sexual issues: the woman who is having trouble finding her orgasm (Sophia), the white man who wants to see a black man with his wife (Will), the wife who is learning about her sexual choice (Debra), the black man using his body to hustle (Kareem) and the woman searching for sexual freedom in the face of the mythology of the angry black woman (Kaya). These cases are all studied through the prism of this interpersonal New York affair.”

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