Penthouse Unveils Luenell Magazine Spread

Penthouse Unveils Luenell Magazine Spread

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Penthouse has announced its April edition of Penthouse magazine will feature an exposé on comedian Luenell titled, “Hey, Luenell.” 

Before her breakout role as the “hooker with the heart of gold” in the 2006 comedy “Borat,” comedian Luenell spoke openly about her body, beauty and public perception.

“It was the opportunity of a lifetime because Penthouse wanted to do much more than just go skin deep,” Luenell said. “Looking closer at social media, Hollywood stereotypes, body shaming and the current political landscape, posing for Penthouse empowered me to be real with y’all in a way that was previously unavailable to me. These things affect us all, and this is a more honest look than anything you’ll see in the mainstream. Naked truth can be as sexy as a naked body.” 

Penthouse CEO Kelly Holland praised Luenell, “For the past 52 years, Penthouse magazine has led the conversation about the progression of sex, sexuality and sex appeal — a conversation that is still woefully unexplored today. We’re huge fans of Luenell — her style, her attitude, her fierce honesty — and her layout reveals everything about who she is, who we are as a brand and the world we want women to live in today.”

Luenell added, “I want to make history with this shoot. It’s already made history for me. I had cold feet, but they warmed up very quickly when I walked on set. I just said, ‘Eff it!’ People can go fuck themselves if they feel any type of way about what I’m doing." 

The magazine hits newsstands Mar. 21.

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