Mobius Payments: Merchant Accounts Raise Revenue by 5%

Mobius Payments: Merchant Accounts Raise Revenue by 5%

LOS ANGELES — Having your own merchant account not only offers more flexibility and control over your business, but it also typically raises revenue by five percent, according to Mobius Payments.

One question must be asked, the payments company said, when making the transition from third-party processing to merchant processing: Is a merchant account the right solution for your business?

“To help you decide what would best fit your needs when it comes to processing your online transactions and sales, we need to look at all available options, from third-party processors who assume most of the liability in exchange for higher transaction fees to online merchant processors who offer ways to streamline your business,” Mobius Payments said.

“Third-party processors offer some security because they act as the gatekeeper, screening all transactions. But what few business owners realize is that third party companies have a higher rejection rate (also known as scrubbing) than what they’d encounter with their own merchant account. Can you imagine how many sales are lost to unnecessary scrubbing?”

Having your own merchant account with a highly reputable company can certainly set you up for success when it comes to the bottom line, said Mobius Payments, which has more than a decade of experience in online processing, which includes understanding top-line revenue, managing risk, handling global transactions in different currencies and more.

High-risk merchant activation is what Mobius Payments specializes in — for both domestic and international payment processing. The company’s well-educated staff understands the intricacies of online payment processing and the company provides fast, easy, secure end-to-end reliable merchant systems set up to receive electronic payments online.

“Mobius Payments built its reputation through dedication to efficiency, employing a highly experienced and knowledgeable staff to assist clients around the clock, and by ensuring that customers receive the best possible service at all times,” Mobius Payments said.

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