Sheets of San Francisco Sends Mascot to Eroticon

Sheets of San Francisco Sends Mascot to Eroticon

SAN FRANCISCO — Sheets of San Francisco attended Eroticon 2017 for the first time and used its mascot, Elvis, which is made of the same fluid-proof fabric as their sheets, as the icebreaker.

“Delegates at events can often be quite reserved, but Elvis really broke the ice with people and facilitated a lot of interaction,” said CEO Mark Boulton. “In fact, I didn’t see him for a lot of the weekend as he was borrowed for cuddles and photo opportunities."

The company plans to set up a gallery of Elvis’s exploits on their website, which will be safe for work. 

“Events like Eroticon are great for us we get to support an important part of the community, to catch up with old friends, put faces to names and to build relationships and to interact with a core of talented bloggers and writers,” Boulton added. “We achieved all of that and more from Eroticon, and had tremendous fun as well. We will be there again next year and will have a much bigger presence we hope. I am sure Elvis will be there again looking for a cuddle.”

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