ExoClick Offers Exclusive YouJizz Mobile Interstitial Ad Spots

ExoClick Offers Exclusive YouJizz Mobile Interstitial Ad Spots

BARCELONA — ExoClick today announced that it now is offering exclusive YouJizz mobile interstitial ad spots.

When mobile users visit sites, an interstitial ad is a visual that covers most of the mobile phone screen and requires the user to close or skip the ad before viewing the site’s content.

“Because of their unique focus, interstitials are an ideal canvas for storytelling, making them a highly attractive format for advertisers,” ExoClick CEO Benjamin Fonzé said. “The format paired with the high-quality organic traffic that YouJizz attracts matched with ExoClick’s deep targeting tools, guarantees that advertisers will get maximum exposure for their offers.”

YouJizz's mobile interstitial has 3.2 million daily impressions with top geos in the U.S., Germany, Italy, France and the U.K.

Launched in 2006 and based in Barcelona, ExoClick is a global ad network serving 165-billion geo-targeted ads a month to web and mobile advertiser/publisher platforms via its proprietary software.