ClickCastX Adds Adult Roku Channel Plugin

LOS ANGELES — ClickCastX has announced the completion of its live Roku Channel plugin.

“This new module will allow clients using ClickCastX to create their own private Roku Channel and promote it,” said Claude Lai, CEO of ClickCastx. “As of 2016 there are over 15+ million monthly active accounts with Roku. Roku aims to take this to another level as they are also heavily marketing smart TVs with Roku built into them already.

“Roku plans to have all new TVs in the next few years with a Roku option,” Lai continued. “What this means, is that any adult site with a Roku Channel can simply provide their users with a link to their private adult Roku channel, and that channel is instantly added to their TV.”

ClickCastX reports that adding Roku is great for a generation of new clients — and old — that do not always want to watch their adult content on their computer, mobile or tablet devices. Roku integrates with live cam functions, allowing the user to sit back and watch live cams from their TV. 

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