VR3000 Releases Political Parody

VR3000 Releases Political Parody

CYBERSPACE — VR3000.com has announced the release of “Vladimir ‘The Impaler’ Putin Nails Melania” and “Donald ‘Cuckold’ Trump.”

Starring “Donald Trump” and “Vladamir Putin” in a cuckold parody — which involves a stolen sex tape — viewers are able to choose between being “Cuckolded Trump” or “Dom Putin” as the men vie for the affection of “Melania Trump,” played by Angel Wicky.

“In the current political climate where fake news is becoming harder to identify, and where so many people can’t believe what is happening to the world, a playful way to be part of the most interest sexual tryst of modern times is perfect subject matter for our VR porn fans,” said VR3000.com’s Andy. “This scene is filmed in amazing clarity, to capture all of the intrigue and excitement from every angle. Unlike traditional porn parody, with our VR content, fans can actually feel as if they are part of the action from Trump or Putin’s point of view.”

Wicky added, “When they asked me if I wanted to be Melania Trump in this scene I was already excited because she is so glamorous… Then when they told me the storyline and that they planned to show Trump as Putin’s cuck, I was totally excited to be part of it all. This is what VR should be all about, living out wild fantasies that combine all the intensity and passion of real life in ways flat videos can’t match.”

For more information, visit VR3000.com.