E-Stim Unveils ElectroHelix

E-Stim Unveils ElectroHelix

UNITED KINGDOM — Electroplay product manufacturer E-Stim Systems has announced the release of its latest power box, ElectroHelix.

E-Stim reports that its Series 1 Power Box was the basis on which the company was built on, and it later developed units such as the 2B, which features the ability for internet control, and the ElectroPebble.

“It was time for our original unit to retire,” said Wayne Allen, company MD and designer. “We have always been a company that listens to its users, and so we took their feedback and went back to the beginning. We took the very DNA of our first-ever unit and used it to develop our latest entry-level unit: the ElectroHelix. We took all that was good about the Series 1 and improved it.”

The ElectroHelix features “all the favorite modes from the original Series 1,” including a continuous mode now called “Flo,” an improved “Pulse” mode and the “Manual”/”Fire” mode. Additionally, E-Stim included the “Milk and Tease” mode from its ElectroPebble and has ramped up the power, making it stronger than the Series 1.

By retaining the step-less controls, E-Stim also reports “there is still plenty of adjustment for the user to get that level just right.” All five modes can be adjusted for “feel,” giving the user the ability to vary that sensation from a soft and sensual tingle to a pricklier feel. A hidden “Sport” mode also gives the ElectroHelix a harder, more taut feel.

The ElectroHelix comes packaged in a hard, molded carry case, “complete with everything you need to get going and backed by E-Stim Systems’ unique lifetime guarantee.” The product is available in three different packs: the ElectroHelix, the Helix Blue and Helix Red. It is available now and has a starting retail price of $149.99.

For more information, visit E-StimSystems.com.