Ordered Transferred to Kik Ordered Transferred to Kik

SÃO PAULO — An arbitrator recently awarded smartphone app company Kik Interactive Inc. the domain name, which resolved to a webpage that offered third-party adult entertainment advertisements.

Kik Interactive, a Canadian company that offers the trendy mainstream smartphone application used for instant messaging, claimed its reputation and trademarks were tarnished for those who clicked to the site that lead to affiliated site

The respondent, who used a privacy protection service, didn’t respond to the cybersquatting claim filed at WIPO.

Kik told the arbitrator in the case, Wilson Pinheiro Jabur, that it has two Canadian trademark registrations that were registered in 2012 and 2016, and that the disputed domain was registered in February 2015.

Kik called the registration a clear attempt to mislead internet users and that it creates a potential impression that is affiliated with the site that serves up porn ads.

Jabur agreed and ordered transferred.