PHS International Unveils Pierceless Clitoral Jewelry

PHOENIX — PHS International has announced the release of Bijoux de Cli, a series of hand-beaded clitoral jewelry “that dazzles without the need of a piercing.”

As the latest addition to its line of beaded and bejeweled intimate jewelry, Bijoux de Cli features a variety of curated stones, styles and color palettes. Users can choose from three different attachment styles — ranging from "effortlessly comfortable" hangers to clamps with a "bit of bite."

PHS International reports they were inspired by the rousing success of its Bijoux de Nip nipple clamps and pasties, so they then chose to introduce the same style, sensuality and playfulness to a series of clitoral accessories.

“Bijoux de Cli jewelry playfully fulfills the growing demand for sensual accessories that combine personal style with sensation play, all at competitive price points,” said Crystal Gerling, PHS International sales executive. “Our aesthetic pays attention to current trends, while also providing designs and color schemes that break the mold and cater to consumers who match their personal style with their intimate inclinations. These designs are also a fun way to experiment with erotic jewelry without committing to a professional piercing, which makes Bijoux de Cli accessible and affordable.” 

The Bijoux de Cli pierceless jewelry line is “beautifully packaged and ready for display in attractive open window boxes that are also perfect for gifting.” Displays and planograms are also available to retailers.

“The romantic gift-giving season is in full swing and stores that stock extra-special — especially ones as unique as Bijoux de Cli — always stay in shoppers’ minds,” Gerling added. “Bijoux de Cli caught buyers’ eyes when we teased it at the January shows, and we look forward to expanding the line to accommodate growing demand.”

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