G Boutique's Cheryl Sloane, Author Anne Grey Partner for Online Seminar

G Boutique's Cheryl Sloane, Author Anne Grey Partner for Online Seminar

CHICAGO — Cheryl Sloane, owner of Chicago's g boutique, is partnering with best-selling author Anne Grey to launch a new initiative that includes web-based training, live presentations and a podcast based on Grey's book, “Sex and the Single Girl,” “[A Slightly Older] Girl's Guide to Dominating the Dating World.”

Sloane and Grey have created an introductory masterclass and a seven-module training program created to help single women over the age of 40 navigate the new world of dating via apps. The Slightly Older Single Girl online workshop covers “How to Tinder,” “Body Image Basics,” “Condoms Lube and Safe Sex,” “Basic Anatomy — What you see and what you don't see,” “All About Sex Toys” and an alternative sex module to update your dating and experimenting vocabulary.”

Grey and Sloane met when Grey approached g boutique about doing a book signing.

"I knew immediately after reading the book that Anne was the right person for g boutique to partner with for our first web-based training program,” Sloane said. “She is smart, funny and has a drive to help women that fits right in with the mission of g boutique.

Grey said, “Our partnership takes the content from my book to the next level. Technology has changed the dating game and I believe so strongly that 40-plus single women can have a great time in this new world. My passion for spreading this word combined with Cheryl’s work as a sex educator connects all the dots!”

More information about the Sex and the Slightly Older Single Girl can be found on the masterclass sign-up page and the website, grown-up women.