Kheper Games Debuts Acts of Insanity Videos

Kheper Games Debuts Acts of Insanity Videos

SEATTLE — Kheper Games has debuted demo videos for its Acts of Insanity party game — including a video that makes fun of "Donald Trump’s Anal Hair Comb-Over," and another one about chess geniuses infesting a head banger’s ball.

The videos can be found here on YouTube.

To play Acts of Insanity, players divide into two teams and each team collects five of each card type. They take turns assigning scenarios to the other team to act out. For example, the company says a Character Card could be “Slutty Leprechauns," with an action of “Anally Bleaching” and an Object or Location Card of “Donald Trump’s Anal Hair Comb-Over." The cards are handed to a player on the other team, who then has two minutes to act out and use verbal clues to get his or her team to correctly guess the scenario. 

 “Acts of Insanity has been a very successful new product launch,” Kheper Games CEO Brian Pellham said. “It’s a fun, raunchy and sexy adult party game that we are excited to see launching already in 1,000s of stores by early spring. The videos, which we had a fun time making, will be posted on our website soon in our Video Download section.”   

For more details on Acts of Insanity and other party games by Kheper Games, email or call (877) 426-3755.