Pink & White Productions Relaunches

Pink & White Productions Relaunches

SAN FRANCISCO — Pink & White Productions today relaunched its video-on-demand website,'s new features were designed to offer a Netflix-like experience for viewers. Visitors now can browse more than 500 movies classified in genre categories.

Customers use PayPal to rent films, or they can join PinkLabel PLUS to access hard-to-find sources from independent and emerging adult filmmakers in one easy-to-navigate site, according to company director Shine Louise Houston, who said she was inspired to create the site after attending the Berlin Porn Film Festival.

Houston said she lamented that many of the creative, explicit films she saw were not online or accessible to a broader audience.

PinkLabel is well-positioned to support new filmmakers who do not know how to pursue digital distribution, or whose works may be too experimental for traditional porn sites but too pornographic for mainstream platforms, the San Francisco-based company said.

By providing digital distribution, education and other resources, aims to incubate an alternative, global adult film community, the company said.

The company said that filmmakers can benefit from technical and customer support, studio reporting, a generous revenue model and affiliate program, and e-newsletter and adult filmmaker resources blog with announcements for film festivals, casting calls, crowdfunding, filmmaker advice videos and workshops and other articles of interest.