Exile, Severe Sex Release 'Ms. Grey 2: Darker'

Exile, Severe Sex Release 'Ms. Grey 2: Darker'

LOS ANGELES — Exile Distribution and Severe Sex Films have announced the release of "Ms. Grey 2: Darker,” which streets Mar. 6.

Co-directed by Lily Cade and SSF co-owner Dee Severe, “Ms. Grey 2: Darker” features Cade and Dolly Leigh reprising their roles from the original, along Jillian Janson, Dana Vespoli and newcomers Charlotte Sartre and Loni Legend. 

“If you saw the mainstream movie and thought, ‘I wish there was more actual kinky play in this,’ then this title is for you,” Severe said. “Also, this movie is aptly named... it really is darker than the first one — darker emotionally. Lily’s script makes Ms. Grey the villain of the piece, but she’s a villain who gets over with charm, money and control, which makes it particularly relevant for the world as it is right now.”

Cade added, “Christian Grey in the mainstream ‘50 Shades’ is an interesting portrait of masculinity, because that’s the kind of man some women are into… one who’s abusive. They’re just making a bad choice. It’s better that you experience that as a fantasy.” 

“Ms. Grey 2: Darker” puts the scenario into the context of a lesbian relationship.  

“We want to emphasize that we are not presenting this as a normal, healthy BDSM relationship,” Severe added. “And I hope people will realize how ironic the ending is.” 

SSF co-owner and executive producer, Jimmy Broadway, said, “This is our most ambitious project to date, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. The cast was fantastic. Often in an adult film you get great actors who lack as sexual performers, or you get sexual dynamos who can’t really act. In this case, everyone in this film was top-notch in both categories. It was just a matter of giving them the right locations to perform in and an amazing crew to capture the action.”

The two-disc set includes behind the scenes footage, photo galleries and interviews with the cast and co-director. For foreign and domestic sales, call or email Howard at howard@exiledist.com or (866) 629-4271.