The Daily Beast Spotlights Greg Lansky

The Daily Beast Spotlights Greg Lansky

LOS ANGELES — The Daily Beast writer and former adult performer Aurora Snow spotlighted 2017 XBIZ Director of the Year Greg Lansky via an article titled, “Meet the Man Making Porn Great Again.”

In the piece, Snow examines Lansky’s innovative journey into making luxurious adult titles, his safe-for-work approach to social media promotion, his rebranding of pornography as art and more.

Lansky first delved into his early career, sharing that he felt the odds were stacked against him and his company.

“I thought there was a market for high-quality adult entertainment,” he told The Daily Beast. “It’s about finding that line between boring and ridiculous, riding that sweet spot. If you need to push the envelope that far I respect that, but it usually means you’re trying too hard, in my opinion.”

He then explained how he uses social media as an advertising tool, despite the hurdle of no-nudity policies. 

“A year ago, I decided to change things up and make everything safe-for-work,” Lansky said. “I believe people can enjoy an adult brand and adult performer without pushing it that hard. [There’s] no nudity, basically everything that Instagram allows.

“I try to create a product that the adult performers are inspired by, that they feel proud of and the promotion does itself,” he added. “It’s not a complicated strategy.”  

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