Terpon Announces 7-Figure Investment, Upcoming Launch of Cameras

Terpon Announces 7-Figure Investment, Upcoming Launch of Cameras

ZURICH — VR cam platform Terpon announced today a seven-figure investment led by Taiwanese private investors and a Silicon Valley veteran, as well as the launch of both its 3D-VR 3K Hermes cam optimized for network standard upload speed and 3D-VR 4K Artemis cam for the adult camming industry.

Terpon CEO Jean-Claude Artonne said that partners of the venture pursued ample strategic funding and allocated funding to fully support the manufacturing of its 3D-VR cameras with a global marketing and sales effort to fuel its expansion beyond the virtual reality and augmented reality marketplace with a wide set of devices that are now in development. 

Before the end of the year, Artonne said that Terpon intends to become the best-known name in VR webcam device manufacturing worldwide.

Terpon employs a unique business strategy, with intentions of utilizing the adult camming industry as a catalyst for its eventual emergence into the mainstream marketplace, Artonne said.

Today, the company announced that it plans on renting its 3D-VR Hermes cameras and professional services for less than $30 per month without any minimum contract requirements or obligations. Customers are provided with free 24/7 tech support and entitled to a free upgrade every time a newer version of their camera is released.

“The adult industry has always been an early adopter of digital technologies, with many companies cutting their teeth in the space, launching innovative technologies that ultimately breakthrough into the mainstream market – and virtual reality is no different,” Artonne said. 

“We intend to use our new 3D-VR cameras to help our strategic partners capture a large portion of the market share in the live digital entertainment sector of the adult industry and transition customers toward our upcoming community marketplace to be launched in the coming months that will feature a wide variety of proprietary devices and a carefully curated inventory of the highest quality third party products.” 

Terpon’s 3D-VR cameras feature stereoscopic synchronized modules with up to a 200-degree dynamic field of view and a 360-degree optional background scan.

The cameras stream 2D and 3D video simultaneously and are well-suited for very low latency real-time platforms, with a set of embedded stereo microphones as part of a simple plug-and-play USB device that is optimized for either PC or Mac. 

There is no proprietary software necessary for live broadcasts since the camera is compatible with any of Terpon’s partnering webcam platforms. 

Terpon also provides free tools to record 3D-VR videos in the various standard from rectilinear to equirectangular format compatible with viewing technologies such as YouTube, Facebook, Oculus, HTC Vive, Sony PlayStation VR and other apps or HTML5 browser-based viewers that are available.

Both the Hermes and Artemis products are available for pre-order and will ship next month.

For more information about Terpon, or to claim your own free 3D-VR high-resolution camera if you are a cam model, visit Terpon.com.