Terpon VR Cam Platform Gets Write-up in TechCrunch

Terpon VR Cam Platform Gets Write-up in TechCrunch

ZURICH — TechCrunch today published an article on Terpon, the new virtual reality platform designed for live cams.

In the piece, Terpon’s chief executive revealed that, while the cameras aren’t currently available for purchase, cam models can rent them for about $30 a month, which includes 24/7 technical support.

Terpon CEO Jean-Claude Artonne told TechCrunch that the new monthly price point was decided because most models are living in countries “where making $300 to $500 a month is good revenue.”

“It was very important to have something that can fit the budget for someone who wants to work in this kind of business in Romania or Colombia, which are the largest providers of live cam adult entertainment by geography,” Artonne said.  

Terpon’s 3D-VR cam features stereoscopic synchronized modules with a 200-degree field of view. The camera streams 2D or 3D video, and is plug and play via USB so it can work on a PC or Mac.

The camera is compatible with any webcam platform that offers an API, or it can be used with a model’s own site or chat app.

The TechCrunch article also pointed out that Terpon plans on giving away 1,000 of its beta-edition cameras to influential models. And beyond that, Artonne has even bigger plans past adult entertainment.

“We don’t plan to limit ourselves to adult entertainment content creators long-term,” Artonne said. “But making a product that meets their needs is important. Having a company which is totally dedicated to this market will help us in the future to create something for the generalist market.”

The TechCruch piece can be read here.

Pictured: Jean-Claude Artonne