Teddy Love Featured on 'The Doctors'

Teddy Love Featured on 'The Doctors'

MONTCLAIR, N.J. — Viewers of CBS’s Emmy Award-winning daytime talk show program “The Doctors” were recently introduced to Teddy Love.

The program featured the Teddy Love Signature Bear during a “What’s in the box?” segment. The purpose of the segment is to introduce viewers to new and unexpected items they may not come across otherwise, to expand worldviews regarding health and wellness.

Program host, ER physician Dr. Travis Stork, described the Teddy Love Signature Bear as “a new alternative for women looking to enhance their sex lives,” as well as inconspicuous.

Watch Teddy Love’s segment, which aired on Feb. 17, on “The Doctors’” YouTube channel here.

Teddy Love’s inventor, CEO, and wellness educator Wendy Adams said, “Having spent my career in healthcare and selling [medical products] to physicians, I am thrilled that these docs see the utility, value, and sexual pleasure that our signature product, Teddy Love, provides. What an honor!”

“The Doctors” explores the latest information regarding health and wellness, as well as news-making medical stories.

During the segment, co-host Dr. Andrew Ordon said, “It’s not as obvious as most sex toys, but... I mean... how do you take care of it?” Dr. Stork quickly replied: “Oh Drew, it actually takes care of you!”

For more information about Teddy Love Toys, visit TeddyLoveToys.com.