Kristel Penn Is Interviewed in U.K.'s Independent

Kristel Penn Is Interviewed in U.K.'s Independent

LOS ANGELES — British online newspaper The Independent yesterday published an interview with Grooby Productions’ Kristel Penn, an industry veteran who has garnered a number of headlines in the first two months of 2017.

Timing for The Independent’s article on Grooby's marketing and editorial director seems impeccable.

Penn, who is in charge of next month’s Grooby-produced TEA Show, announced on Monday that she is opening up her own company, Ikigai Marketing and PR.

Just last month Penn was honored as Brand Ambassador of the Year at the 2017 XBIZ Exec Awards.

In the Independent piece Penn recounts how she became involved in trans-erotica. Years ago, while she was living in Honolulu, Penn was hired to Photoshop some pics for a Grooby Production film. The next day she found herself as chief webmaster for the company.

“A decade later, she is at the center of the trans porn world as the marketing and editorial director at Grooby,” said the Independent, which also noted that the busy Penn is the editor of Transformation magazine; co-founded, a project which encourages people to live authentically and unashamed; and on the board of directors of the nonprofit organization called Trans Adult Industry Foundation, which donates to organizations that provide emergency services to the adult trans community.

In the Independent article, Penn noted trans-erotica serves a purpose that is overlooked: viewers uncover aspects of their own sexuality.

“Porn is going to stir up different things to different people, regardless of its type,” Penn said. “Because there is currently no other format where we can privately explore such diverse bodies and sexuality, porn has the potential to bring up both questions and answers about our own identity.

“People don’t discuss their porn preferences because they’re afraid of how it changes their own labels, but this is not a straightforward A-to-B line,” she said. “For example, if I enjoy straight porn, does that automatically mean I’m straight if I identify as a lesbian? Is there enough diversity in porn? Is porn perfect? No and no, but if we can view it as a starting point for discussion, it might uncover aspects of our desire and identities we were too afraid to examine otherwise.

“Be a conscious consumer and find porn you like. Do as much research as you need to feel good about what you’re watching. Whether it’s porn that reflects your own identify or not, be an active participant in your own self-reflection around it.”

The Independent's interview with Penn can be read here.

Pictured: Kristel Penn, center with adult stars Miran, left, and Foxxy