Crave Starts Distributing Wink Plus Vibe

Crave Starts Distributing Wink Plus Vibe

SAN FRANCISCO — Crave’s new vibrator, the Wink Plus, has smashed through its $20,000 Indiegogo funding target and is ready for distribution.

At post time, $30,000 was raised by 373 backers for the new metallic vibe that’s been described as “beautiful, rechargeable and discreet” and available in silver, rose gold and gun metal. The vibe sells for $59.

“The Wink Plus brings an understated elegance to your bedroom,” Crave said on the product's campaign page. “This compact and powerful vibrator features luxurious high-quality metals, providing not only incredible longevity, but a much more intense vibration than traditional plastic or silicone vibrators.”

Crave said the Wink Plus provides a wide range of sensations, with five different power settings as well as a compelling wave pattern, all controlled by a single button.

With its 2012 Duet, Crave was the first company to crowdfund a vibrator project, and the company continued its success with the launch of Vesper, the programmable Flex and the reimagined Bullet vibrator.

“We have a long track record of delighting our customers — more than 10,000 — through our crowdfunding projects, and we're excited to launch our newest vibrator with Indiegogo, a community with strong support for innovative design, exceptional hardware projects, and technology entrepreneurs,” said Ti Chang, co-founder of the company. 

So far, Crave has mailed out 150 units for distribution as part of the initial Indiegogo campaign.

“We will ramp to full production in April 2017 and distribute the campaign pre-orders before we launch the Wink Plus on our retail site,” the company said.