Thomas Skavhellen Launches Marketing Agency

Thomas Skavhellen Launches Marketing Agency

BUCHAREST — Thomas Skavhellen has launched, a new marketing agency that focuses on delivering “disruptive marketing” to its clients.

“If you want to stand out and really get noticed in any vertical, you need to be different than everyone else and specifically have a ‘hook,’” said Skavhellen, a former executive at PlugRush. “I also believe that many companies need to offer more value to their customers.

“Don’t just tell your customers to send you traffic; teach them how they should do it to earn the most money and realize their potential.”

Skavhellen said he left PlugRush in the fall to allot more time to work on personal projects.

“I had literally a dozen ideas that I wanted to throw at the wall to see what would stick,” Skavhellen said. “After some in-depth talks with several business owners in our fantastic industry, it would appear that there is a high demand for digital marketing, brand awareness and ‘growth hacking’ skills.  

“Onboarding customers is one of the best growth hacks you can offer. Many companies can see dozens if not hundreds of registrations per day, but oftentimes the customer doesn’t know how to make the next move. That’s where comes in.”

So far, Skavhellen has signed on four clients with his launch, including AWSummit, the live cam conference, and traffic network EroAdvertising.

EroAdvertising CEO Jan Huibers “is one of the most honest and hard-working people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in this industry,” Skavhellens said. “EroAdvertising has a lot of forward- thinking technology and is definitely preparing for the next generation of traffic networks. My role will be to bring my marketing and branding experience to the table, and together with EroAdvertising, we will take things to the next level.”

Huibers said: “I’ve really gotten to know Thomas over the years and have seen him as a solid worker and networker both online and off. After brainstorming with him and his thoughts about marketing strategies, I’m truly looking forward to 2017 more than ever now and what we can do together for EroAdvertising.”

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Pictured: Thomas Skavhellen, left, and Jan Huibers