Sweden, Denmark Top List of Most Sex Toy Online Searches, Report Says

Sweden, Denmark Top List of Most Sex Toy Online Searches, Report Says

ENGLAND — New research into the online habits of European shoppers has shown that the Danish search for sex toys more often than any other country — 118 times per 1,000 internet users per year — followed closely by Sweden, the U.K., the Netherlands and Russia.

The research was conducted by Europe’s biggest mobile voucher app, vouchercloud, using a sample of 18 of Lovehoney’s best-selling and most popular products and product ranges to reveal just how often each country’s internet users searched for the products online.

One hundred and eighteen of the sex toy searches are seen for every 1,000 internet users each year in Denmark — more than one search for every 10 residents — with Sweden (115), the U.K. (96), the Netherlands (88) and Russia (87) rounding out the European top five.

Bottoming the list is Azerbaijan, with 10 sex toy searches per 1,000 people. Albania (15), Andorra (15), Liechtenstein (21) and Georgia (25) round out the bottom five.

France, a country notorious for love, reached 12th in the European listings with 74 annual searches, while Germany (65) came in at the 18th  spot.

The U.S. came in at 104.

Chris Johnson, head of operations at Vouchercloud, commented, “A somewhat unique dataset has revealed some truly interesting findings around European love-making. We’re a little surprised that the UK has offered an extremely strong showing, particularly with such reserved English stereotypes.

“However, the Nordic nations have definitely put the rest of Europe to shame. There’s more than one way to deal with the cold, after all!”

Vouchercloud’s research also revealed the most ‘experimental’’ countries, based on their likelihood to stray away from more vanilla “dildo” searches.

Despite a 15th place finish in the sex toy league table, the Greeks show a flair for the adventurous — 17 percent of their total searches were dildo-specific. Ukraine (20 percent), Armenia (22 percent), Russia (23 percent) and Lithuania (23 percent) completed the top five, with the U.K. managing seventh place with 24 percent of its searches for dildo-specific keywords.

Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Montenegro, Slovakia and Poland made up the most vanilla countries, with dildo-focused searches exceeding 46 percent of the total.